Halo Semua! Apa kabar?

Discovering and distributing the traditional charm of our cultural heritage is at the heart of Leluree.

Established by Nadya, an Indonesian alongside her husband, Malaysian-born Reza, Leluree has an aim to celebrate their cross-cultural stories through unique designs and products.

The number 14 seems to intersect across the tales of this loving couple, with Reza having had his formative 14 years growing up in Indonesia, while Nadya have spent the last 14 years honing her craft in Malaysia, enriching the intertwining elements that shine through their unique collections. 

Missing her home, Nadya's yearning for traditional wear calls for practical versatility and effortlessly elegant pieces, channelling artisanal luxury while staying surprisingly affordable.
Since its inception in April 2021, the duo has curated collections that complement our current predicament, with emphasis on elements that resonate with fellow creative minds. With the ever-changing nature of the world, Leluree strives to present products that are venerated as art pieces, beyond their basic purpose of clothing the wearer, to pass down our beloved traditions, in the practice of "Leluri".